Von Junzt (vonjunzt) wrote in grahamgreene,
Von Junzt

Quotation search (again)

I've recently finished reading The End of the Affair, and did not find the quote I was looking for -- something to the effect that grief is erotic, or that funerals are erotic. I have recently found this quotation which is similar: "anguish, which lays us open to annihilation and death, is always linked to eroticism; our sexual activity finally rivets us to the distressing image of death, and the knowledge of death deepens the abyss of eroticism." That's from French surrealist Georges Bataille's The Accursed Share (II, 84). I may have stumbled across that quote some time ago when I was looking for information on williamseabrook and Documents, but I doubt it. If someone comes across a quote like the one I mentioned in one of Greene's books, I'd still like to hear of it.

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