Von Junzt (vonjunzt) wrote in grahamgreene,
Von Junzt

New Greene book!

Nearly 10 years after his death, Graham Greene is coming out with a new book: No Man's Land. Published by Hesperus Press, it's supposed to come out in October. Here's the publisher's website and blurb:


No Man’s Land is a profoundly chilling tale of espionage, superstition, and betrayal, and bears all the hallmarks of Greene’s most famous works.

Arriving in the Harz Mountains, within striking distance of the Iron Curtain, ‘civilian’ Brown appears to be enjoying a small vacation. Yet one night he crosses into the Russian zone, claiming to be drawn to a site of Catholic pilgrimage. His cover is not quite convincing enough, however, and he finds himself arrested and interrogated. Refusing to confess the real reason behind his visit, he gains an unexpected ally, and the two of them embark upon a hazardous plan to complete his mission and return to the West. The result is a remarkable and psychologically charged exploration of fear and crossed frontiers.

Some of you may have already noticed, but the latest Penguin printing of his Collected Stories has more than their previous editions, too -- previously printed but uncollected short stories.
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